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    A visit to our historic castle


    With a rich historical and wine-growing past and century-old vines, we have the pleasure of allowing you to enjoy the beauty of our estate through a guided tour which will allow you to better understand the wines and design secrets.

    Come and discover our park, the relaxation area, our magnificent French garden in Versailles style.

    Our staircase, a strong and structuring architectural element, the main axis of the estate.

    The cellars and the old vaulted kitchens are the precious remains of the old castle which is of great historical and picturesque interest.

    Located in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, Château Renon offers you a high-end stay, in a calm and warm atmosphere, as well as a tasting room and a meeting room for the organization of different activities.

    La visite de notre château historique

    Do a wine tasting in


    A magical place where the history of wine meets modern architecture. Our estate located in Tabanac is much more than just a vineyard, it is a unique wine tourism experience that reveals the secrets of creating exceptional wines.

    Our winery, designed in close collaboration with the prestigious architectural firm Metayer Errath Lehembre, is a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. The noble materials combine harmoniously to meet the requirements of a superior quality wine.

    At the heart of our cellar, the alchemy operates between the emblematic grape varieties of the Bordeaux region and the noblest materials. The result is an exceptional wine, a true embodiment of the local terroir.

    Our Cadillac wines, aged exclusively in new barrels, reveal voluptuous flavors and incomparable depth of character. As for our Côtes de Bordeaux wines, they are pampered in oak tuns and thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, creating a perfect balance between freshness and aromatic richness.

    Each of our wines benefits from a stay in barrels of 15 to 18 months, allowing their aromas to fully blossom.

    At Château Renon, we invite you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable oenological experience. Discover the magic of winemaking in our modern cellar, and taste our exceptional wines which carry within them the heritage of Bordeaux tradition. A visit to us is much more than a tasting, it is a sensory journey through the history of wine.


    Harvest of our best red wine 2021 at Château Renon

    Which word is happiest for wine growers?

    Obviously, the “harvest”, because after a busy half-year, the winegrowers finally waited for nature’s gift. The Château Renon red harvests in 2021 are different compared to the previous year.

    The grape temperature is relatively low, the growth cycle is long, so the work of picking the reds comes late.

    Fortunately the temperature is good and the climate too, when the accumulation of sugar in the fruit and the maturity of the phenolic substances occurs when the harvest is expected with several days of sunny weather, it is the greatest gift given to wine growers in the Bordeaux region.

    Château Renon perpetuates the grape harvest tradition to offer you the best red wines.

    We invite you to come and discover our exceptional red wines directly at Château Renon, to appreciate our harvests and our know-how.

    Château Renon offers wine tastings in a pleasant and atypical setting in Gironde, in Tabanac.



    To taste and appreciate the full flavors of Chinese mooncakes, Château Renon based in Gironde, recommends a perfect combination in the mouth between mooncakes and our wines.

    The sweet wines of Château Renon are ideal and highly appreciated for tasting Mooncakes to celebrate the Moon Festival.

    Chateau Renon sweet wines represent the high quality of the Cadillac region, the body of the wine is bright golden yellow, the aroma of the liquor is rich, complex flavor and wonderfully balanced aftertaste.

    The high sweetness of Liquoreux wines with the sweetness of the lotus mooncake with egg yolk combine perfectly in tasting. The two sweets go together wonderfully and the refreshing acidity of the Château Renon sweet wine dissolves the oily sensation of the mooncake, therefore keeping the flavor fresh. It must be said that sweet wine is the tacit partnership of egg yolk lotus mooncakes.

    We invite you to Château Renon to discover our sweet wines in Gironde.


    Château Renon has successfully completed its transition


    We are proud to announce that at Château Renon, we have begun the transition to organic since 2018.

    And we invite you to come to Château Renon, in between two seas, and to discover our organic labeled wines.

    Since 2021, thanks to work and strict and scrupulous regulations, we have obtained the Organic label.

    In the beautiful Bordeaux region, Château Renon offers organic wines, and also luxury and prestige guest rooms in a magnificent wine estate.

    For any request for a visit to the castle, an unusual night, a tasting of our organic wines, you can contact us by phone or email.