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    Château Renon in Tabanac, located in the beautiful Bordeaux wine region, is a true historical marvel. Its history dates back several centuries, offering a fascinating journey through time.

    At the heart of the 18th century, Château Renon was built, testifying to the architectural elegance of the time. Its classic lines and timeless charm make it a jewel of French architecture. Initially designed as a private residence, it has retained its authentic character over the years.

    Throughout its history, Château Renon has had different ownerships and played various roles, reflecting developments in the Bordeaux region. From aristocratic families to wine-loving owners, the castle has gone through tumultuous and prosperous times.

    Today, Château Renon has become a renowned vineyard, contributing to the worldwide reputation of Bordeaux wines. It embodies the alliance between tradition and innovation, producing wines of excellence that celebrate the exceptional terroir of the region.

    The history of Château Renon in Tabanac is a rich and captivating saga, combining the elegance of the past with the passion of the present. It continues to charm visitors and captivate wine lovers, preserving its cultural and wine heritage for future generations. A visit to Château Renon is a journey through time, an experience that combines history, wine and architectural beauty.

    Its history is closely linked to the evolution of viticulture and the art of living which characterize this part of France.

    In the 18th century, the French nobility had a passion for architecture, and Château Renon is an exceptional example. Its elegant facades and impeccable gardens were designed to impress and delight guests. He witnessed sumptuous receptions and grandiose festivities.

    Over time, the castle has had different owners, each bringing their personal touch to this heritage. From notable families to passionate winegrowers, the estate has survived the ages while maintaining its wine-growing vocation.

    Today, Château Renon has become a renowned vineyard, producing wines that carry with them the memory of past centuries. The vines that stretch around the château bear witness to the commitment to quality and excellence. The vaulted cellars, once the scene of sumptuous feasts, now house precious vintages that captivate connoisseurs around the world.

    By visiting Château Renon, you immerse yourself in a history spanning centuries of passion, culture and dedication to the art of wine. It is a place where history and tradition blend harmoniously with modernity, offering visitors an experience that awakens the senses and nourishes the soul. A wine tasting at Château Renon is much more than a simple discovery of the Bordeaux terroir, it is a journey through time through the intoxicating world of wine.

    Great professionals brought together to create great wines

    Mr Michel Rolland, renowned French oenologist and winemaker, works with the largest French and world wine properties.

    He is considered by many to be the leader of modern Winemakers. He gives valuable advice around the world (in more than 13 countries) and his wines are frequently critically acclaimed.

    Born on the right bank of Bordeaux to a family of wine growers, Michel Rolland bought an oenology laboratory in 1973 with his wife, which is today one of the most famous in the region.

    Recommended by the Manager of Château Renon (Mr Jean-François Galhaud), Mr Rolland now occupies the position of consulting oenologist at Château Renon.

    Cadillac -Côtes de Bordeaux red wines Since 2015, all vintages of Château Renon red wines go through Michel Rolland’s oenology laboratory.

    Michel Rolland
    Xavier Planty

    Mr Xavier Planty co-owner and manager of Château Guiraud, passionate about wine.

    He is very involved in the search for ecological balances necessary for the production of great wines. Currently, owner with his wife of Château du Carpia in Castillon de Castets and consulting oenologist at Château Renon, he holds the position of President of ODG Sauternes Barsac.

    Through his friendship with Mr Jean Francois Galhaud (Manager of Château Renon), and attracted by China, Mr Xavier Planty joined the Château Renon team for our greatest happiness as a consulting oenologist for sweet white wine since 2015 .