Our cellars

Our incredible cellars

The architecture

To be part of the development of wine tourism on a global scale, our newly designed cellars were designed by the Metayer Errath Lehembre architect firm.

Produced in close collaboration with oenologists, the cellars combine architectural tradition with technical materials, to meet the requirements necessary to produce an exceptional wine.

Quality of materials

Raised in new barrels issued from the best Bordeaux coopers, our red wine is enriched with complex and woody aromas.

Quality of the wine

The alchemy of the noblest materials and the most emblematic grape varieties of Bordeaux takes place in our cellars which combine both tradition and modernity making the vinification of our exceptional wines possible.

Our Cadillac wines are exclusively bred in new barrels to reveal the voluptuous character and nature of the fruit. Our Côtes de Bordeaux are partly aged in oak barrels and partly in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, to balance freshness and flavors.

All of our wines are aged for 14 to 18 months in barrels to enhance their aromas.